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    For general information to assist you in your genealogical research, we recommend that you contact specialized facilities of your local historical society, such as the U.S. National Archives and Records Service in Washington, D.C., the genealogical division of the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., etc. The Consulate General of Poland in Los Angeles is unable to provide assistance in genealogical research, but we recommend the following tips:


    If your ancestors came from the territory of the former Republic of Poland, you should first determine which country the place of origin is now (Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia or Lithuania). We recommend checking an old map or atlas of the period for its former name, and seeing what the country's name is on a current map. Please note also that names were changed after both World Wars. Other resources are your local library (geographical section), the map division of the Library of Congress, the National Geographic Society, etc.


    In Poland, old registers (including those of religious communities) are kept in district archives. Applications for searching these registers should be sent to the Polish National Archives:

    Naczelna Dyrekcja Archiwów Panstwowych
    ul. Rakowiecka 2D, 02-517 Warszawa, POLAND.


    Provide the most complete data you may have, such as names, birth and death dates, marriages, spouse and parent names. The more information you provide, the less costly the research will be. Correspondence in English is accepted but Polish is preferred.

    Polish Genealogical Society of California:

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